A collection of videos featuring Derek Moore and Coffee and TV, giving insight into how to run a creative business and the best tools available to make the magic happen.

Mental Health at Work


A short piece explaining why it is important to look after your people’s mental health, as well as their physical health..

How to start a creative studio
– excerpts


Escape Technology’s Creative Rooms presents a seminar about starting your own creative studio. Derek Moore contributes to the discussion along with other VFX luminaries. 

A short description about the video, key points, what the video contains etc. plus production credits and where video first appeared.

Why Coffee & TV Chose Flame


Derek Moore and Coffee & TV talk about the advantages gained by using Autodesk Flame in your VFX workflow.

Autodesk Flame & Shotgun


Derek Moore was invited to talk about using Autodesk Flame and Shotgun at NABSHOW 2016 in Las Vegas.

Coffee & TV 4K Workflow


Derek Moore talks about working towards perfecting an entirely 4K workflow for boutique VFX company Coffee & TV.


Derek talks about autonomy and trust, and why it is so important.

Citrus HR Software Promo

Derek Moore talks about how Citrus HR employee management software is a life saver for small business in todays employer compliance minefield.